This professionally designed lightweight portable easel was developed for artists who like to carry their painting equipment where ever they travel. It is also very suitable for studio use.

The Valpod easel provides a simple, lightweight and compact method of using a camera tripod and Velcro for supporting painting boards, sketch pads, canvas, etc. up to 16" x 24". Different painting boards can be attached and detached quickly and easily and positioned anywhere from flat to vertical. The Valpod easily attaches to the camera tripod just like a camera and the paint board attaches to the Valpod with Velcro.

The Valpod easel consists of a Model U8000 SLIK camera tripod, a beautifully finished hardwood plywood Valpod painting board attachment using industrial grade Velcro, quarter (12" x 16") and half sheet (16" x 24") size painting boards, 12" x 20" lacquered hardwood plywood palette holder, two 16 ounce containers, and four detachable support hooks for holding canvas, watercolor blocks, etc. up to 3/4" thick. The folded length of the tripod is 23.2 inches The easel weights 8.5 lbs.

EASEL CARRYING BAG: The bag is made of durable royal blue light weight 430 denier nylon packcloth with black nylon straps. The large back pocket holds the half and quarter sheet size boards, palette holder, etc. The three front pockets hold the tripod, Valpod, support hooks, water containers, etc. All pockets have zipper closures except for the tripod pocket which has a cinch strap. The nominal bar dimensions are 20" wide by 27" high and weights one pound.

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